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Stephen Vaughan, the Chief Executive at Gloucester Rugby has said that the club was yet to be contacted by anybody as regarding the issue of ground sharing and which he finds quite bizarre.

Gloucester City was supposed to approach the club, with the possibility of them being accommodated and allowed to play their matches at Kingsholm.

Gloucester City manager had appealed just yesterday to the Cherry and Whites to assist them as they built their new stadium at Meadow Park, if not, they could once again be homeless.

Nine years back saw The Tigers being force out of their base in Hempsted due to the floods that engulfed Gloucestershire.

Vaughan has however said that hosting the games of Gloucester City is something that would not be feasible for the club.

“The first we have heard about Gloucester City wanting to share our pitch was when I was told there was an online poll whether people think it is a good idea and MPs and councillors were getting tweeted about it,”

“I find it a bizarre approach by the club to paint us in a light that we don’t want to help when we haven’t been asked to help in the first place.”

He added that if only they had an artificial pitch, it would have been more feasible for them to host Gloucester City games as he believes the pitch would not be able to withstand more than double the amount of rigor it is already being put through.

He also talked about the costs involved, saying that it was quite costly to run the stadium as it involved big financial undertakings.

Vaughan however reiterated that he was open to discussing more with the officials at Gloucester City to see if there were any other ways he could help them.