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Gloucester Rugby Gets New Fanzone

A new fan zone has been designed for Gloucester Rugby team and its fans at the Kingsholm stadium. Here there would be rugby posts, a new pub along with live music. Fans and team members would be enjoying a free pint here as well. This new venue is termed Fanzone. The work for the same has gotten completed this summer. The new Fanzone now opens its doors for the team and the club members. The supporters will be able to enjoy the matches from here as well as gather here before or after games of the club are held.

A new pub has opened here known as Under the Posts. Being part of Fanzone, there would be visitors who would be taking up the benches and tables and sit back to enjoy drinks. There have been designed several posts with the Cherry and White trademark design of the club. These posts are perfect for taking selfies as well as other pictures for the fans and club members.

The inauguration of the zone was on September 24th before the match against the Newcastle Falcons. The stadium has turnstiles that lead the visitors in the wider space of the zone. Here live music, drinks and a wonderful pub ambience are offered.

The club has launched Fanzone as part of the 125th anniversary of the club. The first 125 number of supporters who came through the turnstile last Saturday were treated to soft drink or free pint. Live music by Gaf Franks also greeted the visitors. The CEO welcomed the supporters at the opening ceremony and stated that he was thankful that the fans had been patient while the Fanzone was being constructed. He hoped that the new space would prove worthwhile the wait. He stated that every time a match is there the Fanzone would be open and that the first day has free drinks for the supporters as well.